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Photo booth rental at your wedding | 5 useful tips

Yes! Finally, he proposed to you in a very unique way! Or was it actually you that did that? 🙂 In any case, the time has come for you two to start working on that famed mood board, and to make plans for your amazing wedding.

Just like a wedding photographer and DJ, a photo booth is becoming a routine part of any wedding.

In this blog “Photo booth rental at your wedding,” I would like to give you some useful insights for an unequaled photo experience.

Why all these others want a photo booth at their wedding?

Maybe you have been at a wedding of a friend, and after an hour or two, you thought “I’m pretty much done here, shall we just go home?” Often times, this thought comes to mind when, aside from dancing with aunt Ethel, there is not much else to do at a wedding.

To be sure that everyone has a good time at the wedding, many other couples add a photo booth to the festivities. For instance, a booth where you can take fantastic pictures behind the curtain, or a magic mirror photo booth where you can ‘strike a pose’ with your friends.

Next to loads of fun and plenty of laughter, there will be a so-called ‘photo strip’ (4 portrait-sized landscape pictures on a 5 by 15cm print) coming out of the booth, displaying your hilarious pictures. It is exactly these ‘free’ take-home memories that makes this way of photo entertainment so enjoyable for your guests. With our unlimited printing option, literally everyone at the party can bring their pictures home.

Naturally, I advise you to have your guests also stick their pictures in a guestbook, so that you as well, have your own unmatched memory at the end of the evening.


Photo booth rental wedding

What kind of photo booth should I hire for my wedding?

The type of photo booth that is most suitable for you, depends very much on both the location and theme of your wedding. Below we have listed the different kinds of booths we have available, including the various advantages of each. For a full overview of our booths you can look at our ‘photobooths huren‘ page.


Fotohokje huren bruiloft trouw flitskast

Photo booth

Bedrijfsborrel organiseren photobooth huren fotohokje

Mirror booth

Fotokast-fotokist-fotodoos-sharingbox-voor-bruiloft-huren Haarlem Noord Holland

Flash box

For how many hours do people rent a photo booth?

Of course, as a photo booth rental company, we like to see people rent a booth as long as possible. However, that is exactly what we do not advise.


Because our photo booths are always unbelievably popular at weddings. The prints come out for ‘free,’ guests are finally together and mingling, and things are just great fun with all these extra options. Nonetheless, a wedding does not merely consist of taking pictures in a photo booth.

Especially at weddings with up to 100 guests we recommend a maximum of 3.5 hours of photo entertainment. This, mainly to prevent the dance floor from staying empty. That is something we certainly do not want to have on our conscience.

A guestbook to put all the photo prints in

Make your experience even more enjoyable by last minute adding a guestbook next to the booth. That way, everyone can stick one printed ‘photo strip’ in the book, and write a personal message next to it. When the master of ceremony, once the festivities commence, explains how the photo booth works, you can be sure that everyone is going to use it in an orderly fashion.

As a result, at the end of the party, you can both take a wonderfully-filled guestbook home with you, which you can cozily browse through during the night. Of course, that browsing can also wait until the next day.

photobooth huren bruiloft | geef je gasten een print kado

Turn your ‘photo strips’ into great wedding “thank you” notes

Do you wish to save some extra budget? Then I would recommend that you reconsider your wedding “thank you” gift. Often, wedding hosts choose items like wedding gum, small candy hearts, or miniature liquor bottles.

Conversely, how much fun would it be to turn your photo booth into a “thank you” notes machine?

For instance, you can change the captions on your prints to “Thank you for your presence,” and you can supply the ‘photo strips’ with a nice photo sleeve.

That way, the prints not only stay nice longer, but you also upgrade the ‘photo strips’ to a “Thank you” note.


To conclude

In your quest for the ‘perfect wedding,’ I hope to have given you some extra inspiration with these tips. Our company Fotobelevenis (English: Photo Experience) supplies different kinds of photo booths in all of the Netherlands and Belgium. Next to weddings, we also supply photo booths for corporate events.

Does a photo booth not quite fit into your budget, then perhaps a Polaroid instant camera at your wedding might be a good idea.

Photobooth fotohokje

2 juni 2020

Klanten van Fotobelevenis vertellen…

"Op onze bruiloft hadden wij het Fotohokje 's avonds op het feest staan als gastenboek. Wat een groot succes was dit! Iedereen op ons feest is er in ieder geval 1 keer in geweest, maar de meesten konden het niet laten om er vaker in te gaan. 3 dagen later ontvingen wij alles foto's al digitaal via de mail, wat een snelle service. Noah was super vriendelijk en erg behulpzaam. Echt top en zeker een aanrader op een feest. Gegarandeerd succes! Veel liefs, Wilco & Annet"

Wilco & Annet

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